Who, what, where….

I started this blog with my three children when we had moved missionally to Albania.  We lived in the Kenet area of Durres which was an illegal settlement and translates as ‘swamp’.  Our years in this place touched our hearts and changed us as we got to share in the lives of others around us  -at school, neighbours, team and in the centre we established for children and young people.

Returning to the UK saw many changes – transition isn’t something that ends when the plane lands.  Welcoming our fourth daughter at a time of turmoil and unknowns reminded us of God’s presence and blessing- even in the sleepless nights and crazy days.

Our mission may have changed location but our heart remains -to see God in the everyday, to live lives of integrity and purpose and to walk with meaning with those around us.  The dust roads may now be paved, the water be on tap but the treasures we have seen make us realise the importance of always looking deeper.


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