Edens spelling funny


The boys both do great, their Albanian language is fantastic, as they are happy to correct me to prove on frequent occasions. Taking up teaching them in the morning it has been good to see their grasp on English and understanding that as well. However, sometimes being bi-lingual can make some interesting conversations.

At homeschool the boys both have lists of words to spell. Eden has proved, so far to be a great speller and we keep going through word lists to find words he can’t spell. This week one of his words was “buffalo” hoping the double ‘f’ might trick him. It didn’t! But then as part of the spelling they have to write a sentence with the word in it.

“You live in a buffalo.”

Thinking this might be some link to a weird Veggie Tales song (aka the water buffalo) I let him carry on with his list. We went back and I asked why he had written it.

“You live in a buffalo, a buffalo!” He said rather incredulous at my lack of understanding his sentence. But why Eden, why live in a buffalo?
“A buffalo, one of those little houses you know, like old people live in…” Aaah that would be a bungalow!

As an extra point our friend Nicole lived in Buffalo but was it in a bungalow?

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