Bobby’s Bike Day

Today Bobby got his bike out and started pedalling, he couldn’t get far because it was his first time riding his bike without stabilisers. Lucky for Bobby his friend was outside so he asked Kleo for some tips, Kleo said ‘’I will push you and you pedal.’’

Kleo pushed the bike and Bobby was off in one minute flat.

As Bobby moved down the rocky road he said ‘’I’m as fast as a car!’’ Then Bobby tried to turn but he couldn’t and he fell and crashed to the floor. He wasn’t hurt so that was good.

Later he tried without getting pushed. Bobby did it, he said ‘’this is great I’ll never forget today!’’ Afterwards Bobby steered and swerved past a big rock, he jumped over the huge rock and he didn’t fall off the bike he said ‘’what fun!’’

At four o’clock Bobby put his bike away saying ‘’I’m the greatest cyclist in the world.’’



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