Bobby’s Diary – The Football Match

On Sunday Bobby shouted  to his friend Kleo and asked if he would like to play football, he said  ‘’yes.’’

They set up goals on the rocky road and started playing, it was Scunthorpe vs. Inter Milan.   The score was 0-0 and that’s when Bobby scored a goal, his brother Timmy said ‘’goal!’ ’It was 1-0 for Scunthorpe.

Timmy tried to score a goal but kleo’s brother Visi saved it.  Bobby said ‘’nearly in that time.’’

A few minutes later Bobby scored another goal he said ‘’super goal! Yes!’’

Inter started the match again but Bobby took the ball from Kleo’s feet, he heard Timmy say ‘’pass’’ Bobby passed  the ball and Timmy scored a spectacular goal!

As a result the score was 3-0 for Scunthorpe the match ended and it was a great day for Bobby!

Champions, champions!

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