Eden’s Librarian

Eden came home from school telling us they had a visitor to class who was selling magazines. It’s is a very special occasion and of course Eden wanted one.
“What was the magazine about?” I asked with my full suspicious radar scanning the closest 1000 kilometers.
“I don’t know, but they said it would help us as we go through school.”
Did I mutter ” I bet they did!” out loud? “But what was the magazine about, where was the man from?” Several moments of pure vagueness ensued.
“Well I think…” We all held our breath in anticipation that we might actually get an answer which makes sense of this so far confusing story. “I think he was from the library.”
Ah, the library, well that is safe, cross out the weird cult box, educational, cross out the just trying to fill my child with post communism propaganda (me paranoid?) and a community service give that a big check in the minor miracle that anyone from the outside world would be bothered to visit the school. “How did you know he was from the library, did he have books that you could borrow?”
“No. He just looked like he would work in a library, you know he had glasses and looked really brainy.”
Stop sniggering and return to former fears of what the man was selling. “So, was he from the library?”
“I don’t know. He just looked like he might be, he looked brainy.”
“Or maybe he has just been eating fish.” Added timmy to round off one of the most random conversations in a long time!



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