I want a real baby.

As Matilda was going to sleep tonight, I bent down to kiss her goodnight and she said
“I want a baby, a real baby.” As she is only four I presumed she wasn’t planning parenthood herself. “Why do you want a real baby, you’ve got your dollies?” Yes, even as I said it I knew the dolls were a poor substitute for a real baby, no matter how fun a baby shouting mama and sucking on a bottle is to a four year old.
“I want a real one because I like babies.”
“Well,” I explained, now feeling fully able to shift the blame adequately ” daddy doesn’t want anymore babies.” Ha! I won that point. “He says he is so happy with his beautiful princess and his two fantastic boys that he doesn’t want by more babies.” Seriously, how good am I? Shifting the blame and giving value and encouragement, big point mummy!
“Yes but I want a baby, I like babies.” Oops I had been too quick and in my smugness totally forgotten the four year old determination and stubbornness that would send world leaders into a quiver should they have to reason with them. Actually come to think of it why don’t we have more four year olds as world leaders, everything is super clear and logical (at least to them), they are quick to make decisions and to try to get them to change the decision is no mean feat (you will wear trousers today is my virtual constant battle) and falling out is soon fixed, forgotten and the simple wonder of a strawberry can mend a broken heart… Sidetracked! Back to the story….
“Well sweetheart, daddy doesn’t want any more babies, you three are wonderful but a lot of money and hard work.” Yep. I actually told my four year old life was reasoned over cost and timetables!
“Well I’d like a baby….or a dog.”
Ah, and so she can sleep having given mummy a full deep discussion and resolving it with an argument for another day!

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