challenge to make a difference this Lent.

challenge to make a difference this Lent.

Lent, its a funny name for a period of time, why Lent? Yeah I could google it, but can’t be bothered, I’ll share my thoughts instead (oh joy!)  

Lent, a period of time we have been lent to sacrifice  something in order to bring us closer to the One who gave us time.  We were ‘lent’ Jesus, to become a sacrifice on the cross for us, and in turn we can lend ourselves to God over this time.

It bugs me when everyone is like “What are you giving up for Lent?” I’m not a big giver upper and don’t really encourage it in people around me.  Why give something up, oh I know traditionally that’s where we get pancake day from and believe me I would be the last to condone any reasoning that may suggest we give up pancake day.  It was to use up the fatty products, but if we take that route, how many people now will not use any of those products up until Easter….hmmm.  So what about the sacrifice, well that’s the bit where I don’t like the whole giving up thing.  I’m giving up chocolate – yep, well I only know a very very very few (and in my book amazingly strong willed and inspiring) people who do that for God.  I’m giving up Facebook, great so you are going to spend that time doing something for God or with him? hmmm again.  

So I’m not into giving up, then I found the and it looks such a great idea – a challenge everyday (yes I am a little competitive) but it is something to push me to do something for someone else or to make a difference.  At the end of the 40 days, I’ve achieved something, I’ve improved myself because I’ve changed something in my thinking that’s not about me but looking out on the people and places around me.  

So 40acts, bring it on!

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