Justice… what’s that?

This week in Burime we will be looking at the story of Jesus clearing the temple, his anger was righteous as he saw wrong in God’s house.

It can be quite an eye opener at times living here and learning about the corruption and how it affects lives.  The children are expected to pay the teachers to get grades… it only takes a little thought to see the problems this creates particularly with the poverty in families we work with. The disinterest in learning.  The lack of opportunity for education.  The lack of opportunity for the future.  The  mistrust of ‘authority’.  A few of the teens we work with are really good at English but don’t get the top grades because their families can’t pay.  It doesn’t matter how much they study they won’t be given the grades.  They correct me when I tell them they are really good, “No I only get ‘okay’ at school”, I will argue with them telling them their true ability but they can’t hear past the numbers on a report sheet and what they have been told before.  I love to then test them and ask them questions and to hear them answer without fault and then to say “You see, you know all of that, you are very good.”

To look at justice in a country where water supply is paid for depending on who you vote for, school grades are given depending on how much you give the teacher and the prime minister was voted in with some election boxes remaining unopened once he was in the lead is a challenge.  But it is also a need, particularly in this election year, particularly with young people who need to know the truth about themselves and particularly in a place God sees such injustice.


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