An Invitation from the Ambassador


I know already you are impressed, intrigued or putting me as a little bit more interesting than you thought… I got an invitation from the Ambassador.  Sure it brings immediately to mind a big plate of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, little fingers sticking out and numerous appropriate clothing questions and challenges.  

Exciting isn’t it, an invitation from the Ambassador, its real, I received it by email this morning, it makes me feel so happy, important, valued, to be honest it sets me up on the pedestal I believe I should always have been on.  Yes, if I was in the Downton era I would have been one of the ladies, not one of the skivvies.  I would have wandered round the garden with my petticoats swishing over the manicured lawns, stopping briefly to grasp a faint aroma from one of the beautiful roses.  My parasol protecting my delicate fair complexion from the sun.  Sitting at a table laughing (please read that larfing not laffing!) politely at the polite jokes…..  oops distracted!

Anyway I felt the need to share the news of my invitation from the Ambassador.  You may be wondering what it is for?

Finally recognition of the amazing commitment and work, the incredibly wondrous input I give to the world… yeah, that’s just in MY head too I know!  Well its a general send out to all of the citizens here for the Rememberance Sunday service … but he has invited me for tea and cakes afterwards at his residence, really.  

Yes, so its not so impressive but it made me feel special and made me want to go because the Ambassador invited me.  Got me to thinking of who I am here.  There are lots of arguments, discussions and theories about attraction models, not bringing my culture into this culture but in a way I can’t help it.  Just by being me, a foreigner I am interesting to the people here.  They stare. They ask questions.  They advise me how to wash clothes – separating the darks from the whites… because who I am is a bit of a mystery to them.  But it is actually something of interest.  

But who I am is not just a foreigner from England but an Ambassador of Christ.  Who I am does not just talk about the country of my birth but the family of my rebirth.  Who I am is not just interesting because its a place people wish they could live but its about a place I long for them to live in eternity.  I wonder who is feeling valued because this Ambassador spoke to them or invited them?  I wonder how often I forget who is watching this Ambassador?  I wonder if my invitations feel as special?

I wonder if anyone feels like this Ambassador is spoiling them?( – for my non British friends who think I’ve finally gone crazy!)

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