Not so happy pumpkin face

I’ve never understood halloween, of course there is the fact that as a Christian it is a celebration of all the bad things and a total denial of a God who loves us.  But I am just so shocked today at how FULL facebook is of halloween things.  When we visited the UK at the start of the month my kids were not happy to walk down the aisles with decapitated heads, spider webs and devil stuff and my eyes were widened as I heard a few families picking out which horrible costume their tiny child would be wearing.  I just don’t get that.  Why would I ever want my beautiful little girl, my princess to look like a witch?

I know, blah-de-blah, kill joy Christian, bogus shmogus.  Its just harmless fun. Its just a laugh. Its just a fun thing for the kids to do to go and get some sweets or money from total strangers… yeah that’s what I don’t teach my children either.

You see I don’t believe it is harmless fun, yes sure the kids dressing up is not summoning the underworld but there are evil people this very moment sacrificing animals (at the least) having satanistic rituals that maybe they started off saying was just a laugh.  Ouija boards, tarot cards, clairvoyants, all just a bit of fun… but its not.  Last night Matilda woke up three times screaming, she was in a state because she was having horrible dreams.  She told me about one where she said there was just blood everywhere, there was bad and then all this blood and… I stopped her there and we talked about nice things, happy things, about how God was watching over her and His angels were with her.  I don’t believe that is co-incidence because living here we are so aware of many spiritual things happening to us and around us.  And every time it is worst in our children, the effects that spiritual things have on them, robbing their peace, upsetting them inside in a way they can’t explain and disrupting the true person they are.  We don’t watch horror films, in fact Matilda won’t watch a lot of the princess films because of the nasty ladies (witches) in them and so I know this dream is from somewhere else.

Yeah, maybe I am an overstressed, uptight missionary mum who’s been working too hard, sleeping too little and out of the fun zone.  Or maybe I am a mum, a friend, a teacher, a person who wants light in this world and peace for my children.

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