Starting a New Journey…. Little Pilgrim’s Progress


Our homeschool time is limited and that is the excuse I like to use for my absolute failure at Read Alouds.  We’ve had printed books, we’ve downloaded books, we’ve timetabled them in, we’ve started them, oh yes we’ve started them…. but then…. well I FAIL. 

I love reading and encourage my kids to read, they both enjoy reading and Matilda loves to listen to a story but well, homeschool books somehow just don’t happen.  No books, don’t cry, its not your fault, it’s mine.

Anyway we have started again, a new book, a new ‘read aloud’.  Downloaded from Amazon (can I get paid for that link?)  And we are going to keep going…. in fact not only am I going to keep reading it but I’m also going to share our journey with you! Ha, yeah, I’m not sure how long it will last either!

I remember a kids club based on Pilgrims Progress and from that I read for myself Hinds Feet on High Places and just loved the allegorical writing.  So when the My Father’s World curriculum suggested Canterbury Tales and Pilgrims Progress I got quite excited.  But then Old English is definetly not my thing, Shakespeare has much to do about it, King James is better with a Message and I find teaching modern English tough enough.  So the Little Pilgrim’s Progress at only $6 seemed like a good buy.  I want my kids to live the adventure not to have to try to work out what is being said through a dictionary.  My choice.

So yesterday we met Christian.  A boy from the Prince’s kingdom, the other kids didn’t like him because he was different and kept going on about these things he had heard about the King and the Celestial City.  He found a book and began to read it, but he was alone. 

I love it already, the chapters are short enough to make this feel like its doable, the kids have an activity at the end of each chapter to review, think and make sure they are connecting the allegory.  The boys have a brand new writing book to record their thoughts and their journey through this book.

TASK ONE: In your new book introduce Christian to us from Chapter 1.

So… the reading continues.

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