Made it To Day Two


If you aren’t impressed you should be, day two, that means I’ve stuck at something for two days.  Beyond a great idea, beyond wow I’ve done it, to well done me!

We got to the second day of the Little Pilgrim Read Aloud, part of the My Fathers World: Rome to Reformation curriculum.  So, what happens next?

Well Little Christian (not so hard for the kids to work that allegory out surely?) is on his own, none of the other kids want to play with him because he is different.  He doesn’t believe what they believe.  He talks about his “book”.  They don’t want to play with him, he’s boring. 

This was a great allegory to draw out for my boys, living in a different culture, looking, sounding, being different was a great way for them to engage with Little Christian.  They had felt this way before, they knew this loneliness of being an outsider but what I loved is that they haven’t stopped there.  They didn’t wander off on their own, they got on with the other kids and played with them, despite being mocked for mispronunciation.  Despite having your red hair touched a hundred times by the other kids at school because it is so different. Despite being asked why your skin is so white, even in the summer.  They got on an played, made friends, found the things that make them the same (mainly love of football!)

Little Christian realises he has done things wrong, reading his book shows him a different way of life.  Big challenge here for my little boy who has taken to not finishing or even starting his homework!  Sin is not just the big things but the little things that are us doing wrong.  Baggage, we all have it, how well we can hide it or try to convince ourselves its not there.  A good point to stop and ask the kids what baggage they might think they are carrying…. instead of me telling them!

So Evangelist tells him the way, the gate to go through.  But he also gives him a message from the King. 

“I love them that love me, and those that seek me shall find me.”

I wrote out the verse onto a little card and the boys made a pocket for the front of their books to keep treasures from the journey.  They are liking this idea! Then we talked about the message, what does it mean to them as a person?

The big challenge was to personalise it, what does the King say to them? No, it isn’t He’s always there for you.  He will help you.  Those are true but not the message.

I love those that love me, you need to have an action, you have to love first.  I know the theology behind this is not sound but I like for my kids to actually work out they have to love God, not down to what they know or their relationship with someone else.

Then those that seek me shall find me.  Having just had a metal detector it was easy to get this illustration.  If we keep the metal detector in the box, what will we find?  If we take it to the beach but just quickly skim a bit of beach, what did we find?  A rusty nail.  But if we seek, search, dig, slowly, carefully, what might we find? 

The same is true of God, but the challenge to me today was how often I just am happy to skim over the beach, to skim my time with God between all the other things but how much my heart wants more of that treasure, the hope of finding the stash of roman coins!


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