What’s In Your Case?


Little Trunki cases have been packed, unpacked, checked, repacked, waiting, waiting, waiting for the last two days.  The boys are going on their own to camp.  In the capital.  No parents.  No friends.  Nervous, worried, scared, full of questions and what if’s… of course I’m their mum. No not them.  They are just excited.

We have shoe issues at our house, the boys get through a lot of shoes.  When I say that I don’t mean their feet have grown.  I mean they get through them, soles dropping off, toes poking out, holes -big holes – in the bottom.  I guess when you walk alot on its on mud and stone roads and you are constantly playing football its not a surprise, but its quite a problem.  So for the last three days I asked if they had shoes to take that weren’t broken.  I checked. I double checked.  Are you sure?  Definitely got them?  Of course, of course, of course… I’m busy mum!

So this morning final check and adjustment of what is going on camp and its time to pack the shoes.  But we don’t have shoes, or not a pair, or not a pair that don’t stink so bad that a skunk would keep it’s distance.  Great.  My plan for a happy family morning is gone as my temper rises hotter than the sun… and it’s hot today!  Well the problem is later solved thanks to the wonderful second hand market and a quick run round whilst the boys are getting a haircut.  In fact they get to choose which pair of flip flops to take, Matilda gets a pair of new shoes into the bargain and when its time to head to camp they look smart, clean almost!

As we wait for the bus we are commenting, with surprise that actually out of all the people there they have some of the smallest bags/cases.  We talk about the surprise at the nice luggage around and the size of it and actually wonder how much has been brought for a short time.  Yes, I did panic that they didn’t then have enough, wouldn’t be okay, blah blah blah.  I turned and looked for the bus and noticed a man sat in a group of trees behind some big industrial type bins.  A little child was toddling over to him and I saw him sat on some pieces of foam, kind of like mattress with a toy in front of him, an old, worn armchair, scraps of things scattered around the area.  The children followed my eyes…. Suddenly it didn’t matter what was packed, how great the shoes looked, how smart the haircut was.  Matilda asked “Where is the mummy?” and then looked over to see her going through the bins trying to find something to salvage.

I looked into Eden’s eyes… He is way more grown up than I give him credit, he sees these things and understands.  I saw his gratitude and then heard Matilda asking questions about why they had to live like that, where was their house, what did they do in the winter?  

Sometimes we are so busy worrying about what we have, what we pack into our lives, our days to look right, fit in that we forget just how very much we have in the simplest of things.  I’m glad my kids saw and know that what’s in the case doesn’t matter, it’s where you are travelling and how you journey that counts.

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