Kids and learning this week… or What I Learnt at School this Week.


Timmy was talking to Grandma on skype….

“Which hand do you write with Timmy, your left hand?”

Timmy looks at his hands, “yes, yes my left hand…” checks again., “no, no, my right hand!” One more look at the hands… “Yeah, well one of those!”  Yep, unless you started using your feet Timmy!

Then at homeschool yesterday Matilda had to write where she lives, for a long time she was insisting she lives in Tirana, eventually she remembered she lives in Durres and we managed to spell it.  But then for Albania.  The A was easy, the L more tricky as how Matilda says it does not make the L clear, but we got there.  Short time later we managed the B but by now it was all becoming rather stressful (for both of us) “bania, bania, bania” was whispered, muttered, shouted, pondered over, cried over, sulked and stropped over.  “We have the B what comes next?” and so on and on the battle commenced, points were taken, dirty looks exchanged, tears shed, hands pounded upon the table, time limits placed and time limits passed, frustration now at boiling point for both of us but fortunately she has my stubborn streak and so neither of us was giving up on this one!  After at least fifteen minutes she got up from the table, walked around the table and to the wall.  I watched her ready to tell her that she was going to spell this word, she was going to do this work… she ran back to the chair. “A is next..” triumphantly declaring then off she ran again, “and N…” by now I was on to her… SHE IS A GENIUS!

On our wall is a huge world map with flags at the bottom, she had gone over, found the Albanian flag with the word written underneath and was now reading it to answer the question! Seriously! Genius!  Maybe not at spelling but I had to give her extra points for perseverance and problem solving.

It might seem some times that we just can’t solve the problem ourself but I’ll take that lesson I learnt at home school today, look around you, who or what might just give you the answer you need?

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