The Shelves are full of Ketchup.

heinz ketchup

A year ago life faced one of its huge challenges, disaster was looming large on the horizon, stress surpassed normality and the what if’s of life seemed too great…. the stores were running out of Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Here I sit without having thought or worried or bothered about ketchup for several months. I remember using up the last drops of the squeezy bottle with a week left in country and smiling that it would be okay.  Now, squeeze away kids, there is plenty more where that came from.  Life has changed.

The ketchup crisis may have seemed materialistic, silly, unreasonable but it was a part of our life, particularly for Eden which made his life happier.  The shortage summed up life in another culture, everyday things not being around and when they are and you just get used to something the goals move and stocks run out, worlds change, the sink floods the house with upstairs’ dirty water, the electric goes out, the words don’t flow.  Now, none of this happens.

But the stresses change to what may seem more normal to you… how much the bus fare has increased, filling in online forms, too many things to fit in the freezer, the toilet roll is empty and hasn’t been replaced (please tell me this is not just my family!!!)

Now looking back part of my heart longs for the shelves of empty ketchup,now the shelves are full of the stuff, different brands, different sizes, squeezy or traditional… not just one shop but loads of them, the challenge is to get the best value.  Life feels like this too, full of choices, opportunities in different shapes, sizes, quality.  So much around and yet searching for just the right thing, the right one.  Much of the time my mind boggles with options and choices, my head aches from all that could be or is available and I miss the simplicity and even the lack that reminded me to be grateful for what I have, what there is and just is.

Today I need to remind myself to be sparing with the ketchup, to savour the flavour and to be glad that there is more on the shelf.

One thought on “The Shelves are full of Ketchup.

  1. I love this. When I was in Hanoi- my 14th month in country- I almost killed a short termer who after a week in country was desperate for Dr. Pepper and went to all 3 stores in the entire city where it was sold bought every can available (probably 4 or 5 in total). He also gave away all of my ice pops that had been sent in a care package and saved and cherished. oh man… those days.

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