School Prayers Answered

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This is from the school website, his name is on the wall, written in the book.  The certificate added to his ‘achievement folder’. This was a very brief version of the incredible praise his teacher gave to him in front of the whole school – how amazing he is, how hard he has worked, how he does more than asked, what a great example he is, how fantastic his spelling, how great his attitude… she said she did not have enough words to praise him.

She didn’t need any more words.

Timmy has always tried his very best at school, he has faced massive challenges and kept on going, he has gone out of his way to try to make a positive difference and just been faced with criticism.  He has heard publicly several times a year how awful his writing is, how untidy he is, how he isn’t good enough.  Still he kept going, trying, pushing, being kind, being a light.  For four years his teacher was not nice, we had to report her physical punishments of children in the second year, we had to listen and try to show her positive love.  When we left, after four years I thanked her for teaching Timmy, for her input and ‘patience’.  She said… ‘safe journey’.  That was it, four years and no words of encouragement, best wishes, positive just ‘safe journey’.

My prayer has been that Timmy would be rewarded for all that he has put up with by a great teacher, a nice teacher.  When he started school in Britain his teacher was lovely, enthusiastic, creative, encouraging.  But nothing could have prepared us for the overly abundant way God was going to answer this prayer.  Timmy’s teacher loves him, she declares it, she loves his sense of humour, his attitude, his determination, him.  She chose him, singled him out, honoured him.  How my heart could have burst!

Annesley school has been the most incredible place, definitely God ordained for the kids to go to.  It is incredible, marvellous, wonderful…miraculous.  How faithful, how incredible God is, to answer the prayer so amazingly, for me and for Timmy.  What a great picture too of our God, its sometimes easier to picture Him as the mean teacher picking out our faults but really how much more is He like the one who sees all of us and just loves us, honours us, singles us out and puts us in the book.  Overwhelmed.

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