Being (A) Part

Two days ago marked 8 years since we left for Albania and 6 years since we opened Burime – the children & teen centre we set up on the Keneta.  When I shared this memory on Facebook I was almost instantly responded to by one of the ‘boys’ who came, saying

 I believe that not only my family but also for other children you 
will be like a special miss, you will always remain in our hearts and
minds as our people with love and we spent one of our most beautiful 
experiences... I wish to turn back time and you were with us

It was tough to leave, especially into unknown – what would happen to the kids we had invested our lives and hearts, what would happen to our little discipleship groups, what would happen to those children and families who had never felt noticed before we arrived.  Then for us what would we do, where would we live, how would we live?

Albania was God’s plan A for our family, its made life tough since we got back here (I don’t say home) and most people have no idea about the struggles each person faces, the tears that are cried and the hole in our hearts.  But we know too that this is God’s plan A for now, we have just bought our beautiful ‘home’, we have Lilijana, the kids are all doing well academically in school, Neil is on the degree course, I am loving my job tutoring and we work for our ‘sending’ church seeing the young people grow.

We have also really known that our link to Albania isn’t limited to facebook posts and instagram pictures but that God has given us an ongoing link, passion and opportunities to both support and accompany our friends and family there.

Rachel is one of those, she inspired us, worked with us, advised us and helped us in many ways and for the last two years Neil has been back at Kampi Aventura helping out.  Last year was incredible to take our kids to help, to see them having fun as kids but sharing God in their heart language.

So for this year, we dream to go again to Albania, to support the work there as well as what we feel is essential in maintaining our friendships with our neighbours.  We dream of being a part of the ongoing and developing work we see, to use what God has given us here to plant into there.  We would love for you to consider being a part too – can you sponsor a child or young person to go to camp (only £30)? Will you commit to praying for the camp or for a specific child at the camp?  Do you feel God calling you to join us as we go (financially, prayerfully or in person?) .

(At the moment we can’t afford to fly out and so are planning a road trip but can meet you at the airport and help with accommodation and details)


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