I am Lucie.

Sometimes I am a lecturer at university, sometimes a helper at Montessori, sometimes an online tutor, sometimes a small business creative, sometimes a children’s worker, sometimes a youth worker, sometimes working on social media, sometimes wandering on muddy paths, sometimes studying hard on a dissertation. Always a wife, mum to four children and a faith filled believer in God.

I guess I thrive on change and challenge, enjoying the variety of the richness my life offers me and feeling very grateful for the wide variety of people I walk beside.  I often feel the struggle of time pressures and love my planner and lists.

Having lived overseas with my family I appreciate the value of learning from other cultures, engaging in the story of individuals and appreciating the small things and the big.

I am not really a reflector and so sometimes my writing is just my ramblings or the the random place my head is thinking but I hope they can encourage, make you smile and maybe make you wonder with me.