Burime – spring, source, resource

Water splash design

Burime is a centre we have set up in the Kenet area of Durres.

This area has been rapidly growing over the past fifteen years from a swamp land (the translation of Keneta) to an unrecognised area homing over 50,000 people.  On the edge of Durres, the authorities did not want to recognise the area and so did not provide amenities such as a water system, sewerage system, rubbish collection, public transport or even roads.  Gradually this is changing and in the past year a main  tarmac road has been built and a water system is being put in where by people don’t have to go to the local canal to fetch water but, if there is enough in the system that hasn’t been used by the city, for two hours a day people can fill a tank at their house with water to use.  It might not sound much but believe me it is a life changer!

There is still lots and lots to do, this is like a developing country, with such widespread corruption it is hard to know how things will change.  But, small things like a road and the water give hope that one day the ‘black water’ sewerage canals that run along each little neighbourhood will be closed up, that people will have places to put rubbish that is collected and not just scattered about the roadsides.  That children might be given small areas to have for a playground.

In the midst of this neighbourhood, Lagja 15, we have opened Burime, it is a centre for children and young people, with opportunities for formal and informal learning, a safe place to be, to grow and to have fun.


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