Bobby’s Bike Day

Today Bobby got his bike out and started pedalling, he couldn’t get far because it was his first time riding his bike without stabilisers. Lucky for Bobby his friend was outside so he asked Kleo for some tips, Kleo said ‘’I will push you and you pedal.’’

Kleo pushed the bike and Bobby was off in one minute flat.

As Bobby moved down the rocky road he said ‘’I’m as fast as a car!’’ Then Bobby tried to turn but he couldn’t and he fell and crashed to the floor. He wasn’t hurt so that was good.

Later he tried without getting pushed. Bobby did it, he said ‘’this is great I’ll never forget today!’’ Afterwards Bobby steered and swerved past a big rock, he jumped over the huge rock and he didn’t fall off the bike he said ‘’what fun!’’

At four o’clock Bobby put his bike away saying ‘’I’m the greatest cyclist in the world.’’


Bobby’s Diary – The Football Match

On Sunday Bobby shouted  to his friend Kleo and asked if he would like to play football, he said  ‘’yes.’’

They set up goals on the rocky road and started playing, it was Scunthorpe vs. Inter Milan.   The score was 0-0 and that’s when Bobby scored a goal, his brother Timmy said ‘’goal!’ ’It was 1-0 for Scunthorpe.

Timmy tried to score a goal but kleo’s brother Visi saved it.  Bobby said ‘’nearly in that time.’’

A few minutes later Bobby scored another goal he said ‘’super goal! Yes!’’

Inter started the match again but Bobby took the ball from Kleo’s feet, he heard Timmy say ‘’pass’’ Bobby passed  the ball and Timmy scored a spectacular goal!

As a result the score was 3-0 for Scunthorpe the match ended and it was a great day for Bobby!

Champions, champions!

Bobby’s Diary

It was Saturday, Bobby was going to City Park because he did well at school. Bobby was exited. Once the family parked the car they went inside. The first shop was the electric shop. Bobby looked for new video games but they were too expensive.

The next shop was the toy shop, Bobby looked at a Ninjago lego set but it was too expensive. Bobby told his Mum about the lego and she said ’’look around first and we’ll see what there is.” Bobby found some Hero Factory lego, Mum said he couldn’t have it because last time they tidied his room they had got rid of a box of Hero Factory toys to his friends. Bobby asked Timmy if he would share his money he said ‘’yes.’’ The boys looked around the shop to see if what they could buy with their money now. They saw a fantastic Ninjago set but it was just too much money and Matilda didn’t really want to share her money for it. Mum said she said would pay the difference this time, but they’d have to do some chores at home. ’’ YES!’’ shouted Timmy and Bobby.

After they went to the Albanian McDonald’s, Bobby said ‘’Mmm this is nice!” They came home and they played with the lego set all afternoon, even without arguing!